Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 30: Perspective

Well, it's not what I'm eating, there's something else going on because as of this morning I've gained 5 pounds since yesterday, all in excess water I can feel sloshing around in my tissue. All day yesterday I was ridiculously thirsty, drinking glass after glass of ice water, and running to the bathroom constantly. Nevertheless, I have accumulated 5 pounds of fluid, so obviously there is more going on here. My first thought, especially because of the extreme thirst, was diabetes, but I was just tested, and my numbers were fine. I'm not nearly at a weight that would put me at risk for it either, so unless this thirst persists for days, I will rule that out.

Then I got to thinking, I did start a new medication two weeks ago, and for some lucky reason, I am prone to weird side effects of medications. Reading the literature on this medication I noticed that a rare side effect is... hyperglycemia or diabetes. Great. I think I'll call and have them order a blood glucose test for me and see if perhaps my blood sugar numbers have sky rocketed in the past few weeks. Or I suppose could just stop taking it, it's not an essential medication, it was just for migraine prevention.

So in other words, staying true to my ideal of eating healthy should be the way to go. I may put the Eco-Atkins on the back burner for now and continue to eat smart, eat healthy and choose from all the groups, and to Hell with the scale.

In other news, today we have our big day at the zoo. My younger daughter's long-awaited class field trip to our local zoo is today, and I somehow volunteered to be a chaperone. I still am not sure how that happened. She's so excited that I'm coming along, and packing our lunches in the laptop lunch boxes. The forecast is for a beautiful day, I'll get plenty of exercise walking around herding kindergarteners, all in all, it should be an epic day.

If only I can keep from running to the bathroom.

Enjoy your day, everyone.


Tracy Warner said...

I haven't actually tried to make my own seitan. I want to though. It's always on the agenda. :)

Thanks for the info on the movie. I was bummed it's not in Ohio yet. I really want to see it. I have no clue when it'll make it here either.

Sorry to hear about all your water retention. That is strange. I hear you have to drink more water on any medication-- but this sounds like an excess. Good luck changing medications!

Allison Dickson said...

Oh man, well it sounds like the meds could very well be the culprit! I wish you the best of luck in finding the right balance and losing that water!

Babs said...

Tracey, with movies like these, there is always the possibility of contacting the directors and getting a petition campaign going to bring it to your area. :)

Re: my meds and this ridiculous fluid retention - it's insane. I know LOOK like a water balloon: my wrists and ankles have swollen up. How insane.

I may make a batch of seitan this weekend. I found a recipe for a vegan mock chicken broth that I think I could use to simmer it in, although a nice mushroom stock would also be a good choice.

Babs said...

Thanks, Allison. We'll see what happens in a few days, though I am supposed to call my doctor this week to check in with him, I'll be sure to mention this to him.

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