Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 15: Feeling Comfortable

It's weird, I am not a sweets for breakfast type of girl; I was always the one who'd rather choke down a monster omelette and a mountain of hash browns than devour a stack of pancakes dripping with melted butter and sticky syrup, but this morning I had the most insane craving for pancakes.

I blame this, in part, on a Facebook discussion I had with a friend yesterday about Denny's Pancake Puppies. I had never heard of them before and assumed that they were some mutant crossbreed of pancakes and hush-puppies: basically, deep-fried globules of thick, sweet pancake batter.

A little Google exploration yielded this:

There are so many levels of wrong with Denny's Pancake Puppy dessert. The mutant cross between a pancake, beignet, and hush puppy, this delectable treat is addictive in its delicious, oh-so-bad for you simplicity. Crusty, humble fried pancake bites, coated in cinammon sugar and served with warm syrup for dipping, these may indeed be the cruelest thing to come out of a Denny's since...the Denny's.

Damn you, late night diners, and your evil, evil temptations!
- From Foodie (see restrictions)

Sure enough, deep-fried pancake batter. A little more searching and I found this on RecipeZaar:

They appear to be dollops of pancake batter deep-fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar, served with syrup for dipping. They're described as a cross between a pancake, a beignet and a hush puppy (thus the name). -From RecipeZaar

Oh My God. These really are a good example of what's wrong with the Standard American Diet (SAD). Sugar, more sugar (white flour), eggs and milk, fried in the same bubbling oil they no doubt used for their shrimp platters and onion rings, then dipped in more sugar and served with maple-flavored sugar. This should come with a vial of insulin on a doily too.

Holy shit.

So anyway, back to my pancake craving this morning. :/

From reading my copy of Vegan with a Vengeance this other day I saw that Isa Moskowitz provided a bunch of vegan adaptations of standard favorites. I thought I remembered a pancake recipe or two, and I was right.

The Banana-Pecan Pancakes were very tempting, but I had neither the pecans nor the bananas, so I opted for the regular old pancakes. Yum. It was so worth it, however, I'm bothered a little bit by my sudden cravings for some of these comfort foods dishes.

That was really the only "bad" thing I've had today. I've gone on to eat about 7 servings of fruits and vegetables combined (all raw), and was sparing of the fats and sugar (other than the pancakes topped with real maple sugar), but I made the switch to a vegan diet in part because I wanted to eat healthier and make better choices for foods. Now, that's not going to happen if I just substitute some vegan fake-meat version of a SAD item or just omit the eggs in waffles, cookies and cakes.

My goal is to start with the fresh fruit and vegetables first before launching myself headlong into a loaf of bread even if it is a hearty multi-grain loaf.


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