Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Self-Loathing Omnivore; or, Hi, It's Me Again.

Yep. I fell off the vegan wagon almost a year ago and tried unsuccessfully to climb back on a few times, and here I go again. I jokingly call myself the Self-Loathing Omnivore. I really want to be vegan for a variety of reasons, but am just terrible at resisting certain temptations.

The thing is, I am a really rotten ethical vegan because I do not honestly care what other people eat, at least not enough to support legislating food ethics. I think that until the day when mammals start talking to us as equals, that the decision of what foods are ethical to eat remains a personal decision.

I am mostly concerned about the health issues associated with what goes in our bodies. I am wholly opposed to industrial agriculture and a corporate culture of food production whose emphasis is on monetary profits rather than nutrition or labor equity.

Most selfishly of all, I am concerned about my own physical health and that of my kids.

My biggest problem was dealing with the cheese cravings. I can go without meat, chicken, sausage, eggs, no problem. It is the siren song of cheese that had me dreaming about piping hot pizzas and loaded cheese fries last year while I was on a vegan diet.

I have no idea how to counter that other than simply by gritting my teeth and gutting my way through it. Most of the vegan cheese substitutes I have tried so far have ranged from merely mediocre to downright revolting. I do enjoy a nice homemade cashew cheese, but even though it make a tasty vegan substitute, it does not match cheese's melty wonderful mouth-feel.

So. Here we go again! :)

This comic wasn't especially relevant, but my God it was funny!


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